Sofa Cleaning Services In Nagpur India

There is no leisure as relaxing as being curled up on your sofa reading a book. Sofa is the ‘cosy home’ of your house and luxury appeal of your office. However, sofa is also the kind of an accessory which cannot be easily replaced or changed. And as time pass by, your sofa appears to eat more food than your kids and your sofa appears to be inkier than your fingers. Crumbs of biscuits stuck in between the seat cushions, chocolate powder mashed onto the foam, stains of coffee spillage, inky marks of pens, and what not!.

TWhile basic dusting is okay, it is not always possible to do detailed cleaning of sofas on a regular basis. This is where Sofa Cleaning Services come to rescue. Our company also provides luxurious Sofa Cleaning Services for homes, offices, hotels and spa resorts.
Usually, sofas are created out of delicate furs and fabrics which require deep cleaning and maintenance. Basic dusting isn’t enough. Following are some highlights of our Sofa Cleaning Services.

Preserving The Quality Of Sofa Fabric

While it’s a great idea to purchase a sofa cleaning machine from the market and clean the sofa manually however, it involves a lot of complications too. These complications can even cause harm to the sofa material such as blemishes in the fabric or tears in the foam.
Our company recommends outsourcing the Sofa Cleaning Services for best results. Here, we employ different kinds of techniques for sofas with different kinds of fabric materials. For regular fabricated upholstery, shampooing is employed while for a leather sofa, dust removal & dry vacuums are used. Other methods of sofa cleaning include buff spraying, chemical foam scrubbing and conditioning.

Restoring Original Appearance, Life & Colours

Over time, the surfaces and edges of sofa start appearing dull. Ever wondered why? Well, it’s due to slow and internalized deposition of dust and dirt that seeps into the core of the fabric eating away its durability bit by bit. A good Sofa Cleaning Services can literally extend the life of your sofa. Our company, offers various methods of scrubbing, cleaning and vacuuming to remove the layers of dust to restore the original appearance of your sofa or upholstery.

Stain, Dirt & Germ Removal

Researches have shown that germs deposited in our furniture and furnishings can be a cause of many respiratory problems. Owing to its nature, the foamy interior of sofa automatically attracts germs and pathogens from food, liquids, people and surroundings. They then appear in the form of stubborn stains, spots and patches. The Sofa Cleaning Services of Our company, promise to deep clean the sofa surfaces and crevices to disinfect and wipe away germs, allergens, bacteria, foul odour, stains and dirt.

Using Eco-Friendly Materials For Cleaning & Spot Removal

Our company has always believed in environmental sustainability for housekeeping practices. So, here also in our Sofa Cleaning Services, we strive to use more and more eco-friendly materials as we can. Some of these substances are baking soda, lime juice, vinegar, warm water, turmeric and lipstick, interestingly!.


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