School Housekeeping Services In Nagpur India

School is a place where dreams take wings and where creation of an all-new innovative world begins. School education is not just about teaching from textbooks but also about day-to-day life etiquettes, of which, hygiene and cleanliness play a crucial role. This is where School Housekeeping Services come to picture. After all, a school should preach what it teaches, right? At our company we help you create a safe, clean, green and hygienic environment for the growth & development of little ones and scholars.

Following are some of the features and benefits we offer in our School Housekeeping Services .

Clean Wiping of all Blackboards

This is a neglected but one of the most important areas of a school housekeeping service. The tiny tots can spot the blots of dust and un-rubbed chalk on the blackboard before your sweeper will. Besides, chalk dust causes a huge threat to problems like blurring of vision, sinus and cough issues. We clean and wipe off the blackboard including its crevices leaving a shiny cleaner slate for your students to learn from!.

Furniture & Furnishings

Children scratch their pencils on their desks and fill the doors with shades of their crayons. The School Housekeeping Services at our company involve repairing, regular maintenance and cleaning of the school furniture. Desks & chairs, teacher’s tables, staff room furniture, and lab furniture are all cleaned with modern day high-end techniques. Curtains and reception furnishings are wash-wiped or replaced. For regular checks, subscribe for our scheduled housekeeping service for your school.

Eating Areas

In every season, water and eatables are quite vulnerable to some or other infection. Places like drinking water machines, rooftop tankers, mess, kitchen and canteen demand high-quality sanitation and precise cleaning. Our school housekeeping service staff will make sure that the young ones maintain a healthy belly while receiving a healthy education!.

Corridors, floors & Playground

The housekeepers at our company, are highly trained to clean, spray and wipe the walkways, corridors, playground & amphitheatre floors, cleaning the germs with substances like phenols, disinfectants etc. Dust, footprints and sweat, but yes, smiles too!.

Libraries & Books

Libraries are storehouse of books. Libraries are a storehouse of bugs too. Dimly lighted racks of books stacked atop one another create an inviting environment for insects and bugs to take residence. The School Housekeeping Services at our company include high-quality and systematic cleaning procedures to clean such narrow, stuffed corners of the school.

Stationary & Paper Utilities

Be it a laboratory or a staff room or a classroom, stationary is the life of any school, small or big. Pencil coils, eraser rubbers, ink refills, broken crayons, waste paper, test tubes, bio lab waste, used up art & craft materials, and what not. And so, we clean up the bins, sort out the stationary and organize the school study space.
A school strives to teach the young generation to be the part of solution and not the part of pollution. And so does we teach our school housekeeping staff our company.


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