Office Chair Cleaning Services In Nagpur India

There is dust and dirt in the surroundings. There is humidity. There are bacteria and germs. When we are busy tapping our keyboard keys and fixing a meeting over a telephone, while we are unaware, these dust, dirt, humidity and germs are slowly creeping their way into our workspace. If ignored, these little contaminations can result in building up of pollens, insects, allergens, infections and dirt around your working space.

This is even more profound in the places you touch frequently like your keyboard, telephone, pens, and especially your desk & chair. Your office chair spends the most time with you while you’re working in the office. Our company offers Office Chair Cleaning Services to ensure that you have safe and hygienic furniture to work in peace.
Office Chair Cleaning Services are professionally designed services including necessary tools, methods and techniques to clean chairs & other upholstery in an organization, especially the ones with large size like multi-national corporations, telecom centres and banks. While in many small companies, this cleaning practice is not done very often, Our company recommends that every organization, big or small must have a routine cleaning schedule for their office upholstery. Following are some of the factors we keep in mind while providing our Office Chair Cleaning Services for your organization

Hygiene & Heath

For people with asthma, allergies or cough problems, touching chair handles that are coated with dirt, is extremely unhealthy. Plus, an uncleaned, unhygienic or dusty chair can trigger a lot of skin problems as well. So, Our company staff pays special attention to chair parts where there is a possibility of touch such as handlebars and revolver knobs.

Material Of The Chair

The expert Office Chair Cleaning Services staff at our company is trained to identify and understand the materials of the upholstery. If it’s a leather chair, it requires a different cleaning & repairing procedure. If it’s made of vinyl or plastic, it requires an all-together different procedure. They will examine your office upholstery and recommend the best and most suitable procedure for the chair cleaning process.

Overall Worklace Appeal

An obvious factor. Believe it or not, the cleanliness of office upholstery is a big factor in determining the impression and attractiveness appeal to the visitors. The Office Chair Cleaning Services at our company uses advanced tools including scrubbers, vacuum cleaners and dusters to clean and make your office chairs look even more attractive.


Comfort and posture of the employees is one of the first and most important things an office management looks for, while shopping for office furniture & upholstery. However, obviously over time, even the best quality chairs seem to worn out. Torn foam pads or seat cushions, loosened hinges, broken rotating wheels and little damages here and there. Since an employee spends maximum time sitting at the office chair, these small damages can cause big discomforts for them including back pains, shoulder tension or muscle spasms. Hence it’s always a good idea to have office chair housekeeping service for your office chairs.


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