Mall Housekeeping Services In Nagpur India

There is a saying that if you spend fifteen minutes in a mall, you’ll pass more people than all your ancestors might have encountered throughout their lifetime. True enough to the saying, a mall is a city in itself even better. Every day, crowds of people from all walks of life, from anywhere and everywhere come to visit malls for shopping, leisure & entertainment. This makes a mall campus quite prone to all kinds of dust from shoes footprints to shopping stationary to food remains. Our company offers high-quality Mall Housekeeping Services for malls providing the visitors and business owners with a clean, safe and quality shopping experience.

Strategy & Structure of Cleaning Procedures

Mall Housekeeping Services is a complicated process especially during the weekends, holiday seasons and festive days when the visitor count is considerably high. And hence, a mall requires a proper strategy & structure in order for entire mall to come into attention. Therefore, at our company we divide the entire mall area into small small parts, further dividing the staff and technique for each part.

Scrubbing, stain removal & smoothening

Our company believes that waste removal is a highlighted bullet on any housekeeper’s list. Consider a large scale shopping mall, there are hundreds or even thousands of dustbins, waste baskets and vending machine buckets. Adding on, the restaurants and cinema hall food courts receive tons of packets, food waste and kitchen residue. In such a scenario, cleaning the garbage becomes a necessity, which our Mall Housekeeping Services strive to fulfil.

Installation & Cleaning of Fixtures

There are some areas in a mall like fire exits, children’s bungee jumping mattresses, skating rings and likewise. Since these areas require appropriate security measures, Our company installs preventive equipment such as warning signs for children, fire extinguishers and sign boards reading, ‘No smoking’, ‘No tobacco’, ‘No spitting’ etc.

Manual Cleaning & Customer Interaction

At our company we train our staff in all regional languages including English in order to facilitate communication with customers. Alongside, we strive to train them the necessary interaction etiquette. Also, there are manual sweepers and mopping staff for immediate cleaning requirement available for public corridors, entrance doors, food courts, elevators, escalators, travelators, glass barricades, retail showrooms, public toilets, loading areas, parking areas, facades, windows and walkways.


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