Guesthouse Cleaning Services In Nagpur India

It is said that a guest is the jewel on the cushion of hospitality. In the same line, for a guesthouse owner, a guest is the most important jewel to pay attention to. Whether it’s your corporate guesthouse or a hotel lodge or simply a guestroom in your house, housekeeping is something that can’t be ignored, not at all. Of course, the facilities and material amenities matter a lot, but what matters the most is how your guests feel like during their stay in your guesthouse.

At our company, we offer high-grade Guesthouse Housekeeping Services for homes, corporates and hospitality sectors. Below is a highlight of the main features that we provide in our housekeeping services:

Let the Lighting light to the fullest

Over time, even the most expensive of lights can appear dim due to deposits of dusts, moths, insects and various ashy substances. Especially the lights with stained glass fixtures or delicate pendant fixtures are quite vulnerable to get coated in dust due to exposure. In our Guesthouse Housekeeping Services we strongly recommend cleaning of the light fixtures big or small. Be it a bedside lamp or recessed ceiling lighting, our staff strives to pay attention to details.

Laundry & Linen

Laundry and linen are the high-functioning and impeccable parts of a guesthouse. After all, this is what guests use for their hygiene needs, this is where the guests retire to sleep and this is where the guests get-together in chats over coffee & cushions. At our company, we provide various operations and procedures to clean or change all kinds of linen. Our Guesthouse Housekeeping Services include linen like bed covers, blankets, linen, cushion covers, pillow cases, furnishing upholstery, curtains, draperies, mattress pads, napkins, tablecloths, spa & bath towels, carpets, etc.

Say goodbye to dust and hello to shine

Dust is a common yet one of the toughest parts of a cleaning process. Even if you use dust smoke detectors or vacuum cleaners for dust removal, it becomes an over-and-above task to further clean these devices before they clean the dust. Our Guesthouse Housekeeping Services involve careful dust removal and cleaning in touch corners & surfaces like window sills, tile grouts, door handles & stoppages, diffusers and more.

Spa, Pools, Bath & Toilets

Next to laundry, this is one of the most important areas of a guesthouse housekeeping service. The entire staff of our company is highly trained to pay special attention, to upkeep and to clean this part of the guesthouse. With enhanced cleansing technologies, we scrub the tiles, remove floor stains, clean-flush-sprinkle toilet seats, clean the bathtubs, rub off shower deposits, and deep clean spa & pools.

Furniture & Fittings

At any level of a guesthouse housekeeping service, furniture and fitting require extreme care, from as large a sofa-bed to as small as a photo frame stand. Especially in case of hotels, resorts and hospitality sector, furniture forms a huge part of their financial assets. Our company provides high-end methods to wipe the stains and spots on your guesthouse’s furniture causing it to shine spick-and-span!.


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