Gym Cleaning Services In Nagpur India

From zumba dance sessions to cardio and fitness training, a gym receives tons of litres of sweat and toxins in the air every second. The hands touching the training machines and the steam rooms absorbing the toxins of trainers’ bodies is but a very small part of the picture. Be it staff or a gym member, every person in a gym and fitness club comes in contact with germs, toxins and infections on regular basis.

And therefore, it is very crucial to make sure that their fitness training doesn’t turn to infection catching. To help you create a healthy, sustainable, hygienic and germ-free environment in your gym, Our company offers superior quality housekeeping services for your gym or fitness club.

Planks & Touch Points

Many studies show that there is a strong possibility of germ transfer across the floors in a gym training place. Whether it’s a wooden floor, hard floor, an exercise mat or a plank board, simple dusting and mopping isn’t enough. So at our company we use high quality rags and scrubbers to prohibit bacteria transfer.

Lockers & Changing Rooms

People enter locker rooms and changing rooms several times a day. The locker handles and doors are touched several times a day by different different persons, right after they come out of the training. This makes it highly probable for the lockers, handles and doors to catch the toxins in sweat and germs on skin. So, our company focuses on removing the stains, wiping off the soiled sweat marks and spray cleaning for germ removal.
In our gym housekeeping service, we make sure that every time a person enters the changing room, they are welcomed with refreshing odour and not the foul sweat of socks or gymming clothes. For wash bowls, showers and toilets, our gym housekeeping service team do wiping, spot cleaning, flushing and spraying.

Restrooms, Spa & Lounge

While a restroom is a part of nearly every gym, many elite class fitness clubs also have a facility for spa, lounge, children’s room or even a health-n-nutrition club as well. These areas, although don’t require a cleaning as tougher as other areas, it do requires a fresh and relaxing environment. Along with mops, scrubs and rags, our Gym Housekeeping Services team polishes the mirrors, wipe-washes the linen, and sprays chemical-free room fresheners.

Weights Training Machines & Equipment

Perhaps the challenging most part of a gym housekeeping service! From treadmills to dumb bells and power racks, the training equipment in the gym receives plenty of germs along with sweat, dust and fingerprints. Added to it, there are audio, sound and maybe even video equipment facilities.
Our company strives to cater these machines both with dry and damp cleaning procedures, so that each time a new trainee touches the machine, it is free of germs. In addition, we support scheduled cleanings of common machine touch points like dumbbells, treadmill controls, free weights and handlebars. Along with it, we supply disposable wet wipes for trainees to avoid infection contamination and to clean their face and hands.


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